Happy New Year To All Our Visitors

The Fox would like to wish a happy and succesful New year to all its readers and visitors.

2009 has turned out to be a pretty successful year on the pitch for Leicester City. Just seven league defeats in 12 months has meant that watching City has become far more enjoyable than recent years with consistency in results and performances, and average attendances over 20,000 would seem to bear that out. 2009 saw a trophy presentation on the pitch at Filbert Way albeit it was the League One Trophy but ask any fans of Leeds United and Forest and they will tell you that getting out of ‘Div 3’ isn’t as easy as it looks!

 The side is now settled and the core of the side that won League One is still delivering the points in The Championship under the leadership of Nigel Pearson who has not been found wanting at this level. All in all it was a good year to be a City fan.

So what can we expect in 2010? We are currently sitting in 5th spot in the Championship which is higher than most of us hoped or expected in August. There is guarded optimism amongst supporters that a play off spot is now a realistic expectation and as the club emerges from its own recession is it too much to hope for a trip to Wembley at the end of May? It may be that managing increasing expectations is the biggest challenge that the club now faces.

Happy New Year everyone

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