FOX 168 – OUT NOW!

FOX 168 – the December/January issue – will be on sale at this afternoon’s game against Sheffield Wednesday, and in the shops early next week.

This issue features: An extensive interview with Ian Marshall; Soccer Stars 73-74 – the full set of stickers; Fox Covers from History – the 20s; Youtube featuring Bernie; Fully Programmed; Fox Diary; Pride of the 500; the latest from the Foxes Trust; Tales From the Riverbank; a seasonal Fox Philosophy; the Chris Lymn Column; The Septimus Smith Scrapbook; Heroes & Villains – a life following City; Your letters and Bentley’s Roof and Fanatical Frank joins the choir… 

FOX: Many City fans highlight of all time is going 1-0 up in Madrid, do you realise how significant your goal was there?  

IM: To be honest with you I do, because I do a lot of Q&A’s now and people come up to me and say: “Best time of my life that goal.” I’m thinking: “But we lost that night.”
I only played 35 minutes of the game before I was stretchered off. It wasn’t a particularly brilliant goal, taken out of context, but I know exactly what you are saying and I am very proud of it. It wasn’t in my top twenty goals technically, and we lost the game. But I think after all that travelling the fans had to do, it was a real ordeal for some of them, it came as a huge relief when we scored. From what we heard they were treated like cattle and had a horrendous time, so this was the moment that made up for it. I remember seeing them going absolutely crazy, really letting off steam.
My wife was there, in the Main Stand with the club allocation and she was seven months pregnant. I looked up there and she was standing on her seat! I thought Christ Almighty love.

FOX: You picked up quite a bad injury in that game, and it didn’t look like an accident…

 IM: Yes, it was totally intentional and I was quite disappointed by it because the ref didn’t seem concerned. In a twenty year career I have felt completely in the zone only about five games. That game when you are invincible and everything you try comes off. I was beating players, every pass was to the man. I was playing really, really well and I thought I was going to score a couple more. I think this lad knew, he was Croatian or something out that way, and I remember when he did it he looked down at me as if to say ‘Job done’. I had a four inch gash that had opened right up and it would have taken too long to stitch it up. We couldn’t afford to be down to ten men for that long so that was the end of the game for me. He knew what he’d done and he was made up.
I’ve got a photo somewhere of me being stretchered off by the Madrid people and one of the guys carrying the stretcher is giving a big thumbs up to the Madrid fans! I was very disappointed but you have to laugh now.

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