A Girl Called Wembley

From the Topical Times Annual 1970…

Anyone know what happened to Wembley Lester Dewick?



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3 responses to “A Girl Called Wembley

  1. Jeremy Clay

    And here she is in the Merc, 27 years later, a staunch football-hater:

    “I would never have thought of giving one of my kids such a dreadful name, I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

    “I’ve got seven brothers and a sister and sometimes I wonder why it had to be me who got the daft name.

    “It really has been a cross to bear.”

  2. wembley

    wembley is well and very happy,and a grandmother (a young one i add) cant believe why people who have never met me ,still talk about me and my now not so unusal name, but i thank you

  3. Adrian Dewick

    Wembley is my sister, and Jeremy I can understand if your first name was ” caseus” nothing wrong with my sisters name. I am tell every LCFC fan what my sister name is.
    I am also a bad fan, but live on the other side of the world now.
    gOOoooo Foxes!! 2013 is your year

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