A Day in the Life of Jimmy Bloomfield

‘Jimmy’s City’ appeared in the 1975 edition of the Scorcher Annual…

jimmy title

jimmy a

jimmy b

jimmy c

jimmy d

jimmy e



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13 responses to “A Day in the Life of Jimmy Bloomfield

  1. MadDogLCFC

    It’s an abiding regret of mine that one of the first football songs I remember joining in with was “Bloomfield Out”.

    So if you’re looking down, sorry Jimmy, I was ten and didn’t know any better.

  2. david bloomfield

    don’t worry about it anymore. i am the son in the last picture.

    • matthew fensome

      Glad to see you still keeping up to date with Leicester City, David.
      I think you father is rememberd with more respect as the years go by, older fans still talk about the Bloomfield boys. Remember you from school and playing golf so the same age, still my best City team. Regards Matthew Fensome.

    • Audrey shaw

      Hi David, do you remember us, Audrey and Dennis shaw, used to live by you in water Orton when dad played for bcfc…

      • David Bloomfield

        Yes Audrey, of course I remember Dennis and your family. I have often wanted to have another look at Water Orton! Mum still going strong, Clive and I both have 5-year-olds, James and Arthur, so that certainly keeps us all busy. I remember a great breakfast you made for us all before an FA Cup Semi-Final at Villa Park and the curry we all had after a Wembley Cup Final. I was at St Andrews a couple of years back with the players’ lounge still in the same place as before when I used to go round picking up the glasses before people had finished their drinks. Which would have been after I’d tipped up most of the wooden seats in the Main Stand after the match. Which I also did this time around as well!
        Larger Aud?

  3. Hi David, Yes still crazy re cars. Coincidently my sister is married Peter Welsh who made his debut for City away to Spurs, I think it could have been one of your fathers last games in charge at City. He played in the same City Youth team as you. Regards Matthew

  4. Derek Simmons

    I was a scout during his time as manager. He was one of citys best managers and a very nice man.

  5. james mcintyre

    what number did he play?

  6. James Preston

    I see my Dad’s on here too. Unfortunately his name is wrong. it’s George Preston not ‘Gordon’.

  7. Don’t know whether you will pick this up David, have only now seen your reply. Love to your mom. Our family now is 8grandchildren, 8 great grandchildren with two more expected soon….

  8. David Bloomfield

    Audrey – you can always email me on mrdavidbloomfield@btinternet.com

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