Roy of the Rovers Stuff for Leicester

City made the big time in August 1986 – Roy of the Rovers cover stars, no less…

roy rovers
The cover illustration show’s Tottenham’s Mark Falco stroking the ball home while a grounded Ian Andrews looks on aghast.
Although it looks more like Liberace scoring against Duran Duran we know this to be the case because all is explained inside.
Apparently Dean Hort, from Grays, Essex trousered a £3 prize for nominating Falco’s goal and it was ‘interpreted’ by John Gillat “the man who draws Billy’s Boots.”

roy goal

If you study both pictures carefully you can see that John has exercised his right to artistic licence and shifted things round a bit, the biggest liberty being the complete invention of a City player to fill the space in the crook of Falco’s arm.
Actually, as invented, generic mid-80s City players go Mr Gillat has captured something there. What do you think he would be called? Tommy Wilson, perhaps? Or Gary Smith?
Anyway, we didn’t need made up players that day at White Hart Lane. City won 3-1 with goals from Alan Smith, Steve Lynex (pen) and Mark Bright, all of which were much better than Falco’s tap in. But they didn’t get on the cover of Roy of the Rovers did they? Oh no.


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