Rangers, Celtic v Leicester?

Former City-boss Martin O’Neill has become the latest Premier League manager, after David Moyes and Harry Redknapp, to back Bolton Chairman Phil Gartside’s proposals to form a ‘Premier League 2’ with Rangers and Celtic invited to join.  
Gartside’s idea will be discussed at a summit meeting tomorrow.

celtic a

O’Neill told BBC Radio 5 live: “I would like to see both teams in the Premier League. I think it would make the Premier League even stronger. I’ve been there, Celtic is just an unbelievable football club and Rangers also. I would welcome Celtic and Rangers to English football if they wanted to play down here”
These proposals would almost certainly include Leicester City, whose supporters will have not entirely great memories of two friendlies at home to Celtic in recent years. There was sectarian chanting at Filbert Street when Martin O’Neill brought his Celtic side down for a game and Gordon Strachan’s side visited the Walkers in 2005, but a horror challenge from Bobo Balde left bright young prospect James Wesolowski with a broken leg.

celtic b

There would appear to be huge stumbling blocks to the Old Firm moving south.
Why would clubs from one country’s Association be allowed to play in the League of another?
Although many fans across Scotland would be glad to see the back of the Old Firm would they really be able to survive without them?
What would happen if one of the Scottish clubs got relegated from ‘EPL2’?
As we have seen before however, the promise of money can help clear a lot of hurdles in football. This is one idea that refuses to go away.

celtic c



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38 responses to “Rangers, Celtic v Leicester?

  1. Popes11

    Leicester, the most horrible smelliest place i have ever visited with the famous Glasgow Celtic. What makes you think you lot would be in the league anyway? Only ‘big’ teams i heard.

  2. Grangers

    Yup, I would agree with you there bud, I would imagine anywhere you bhoys were would pen and ink a bit.

  3. Dennis Doherty

    In your story you refer to sectarian songs being sung,Celtic fans do not have a history of this,do you know the difference between political and sectarian?
    Can you tell us the songs in question and lets put that up for debate?
    There is only one team from Glasgow that indulges in this and it’s not Celtic.

    Other than that I wishes the Foxes all the best for the rest of the season.

  4. thefoxfanzine

    There was a song about the IRA which involved a mime of throwing hand grenades and machine gunning.
    Possibly political rather then sectarian, but left a sour taste in the mouth, whichever.

  5. Grangers

    Would you say that the little ditties containing “soon there’ll be no Protestants at all” or “A sad Orange bastard with a shyte football team” would be classed as sectarian ?.
    Don’t be fooled by the “political” crap, they are a real sad bunch, go no farther back than Sunday afternoon’s disgusting IRAokie where they sang their “political” ditties through a minutes silence for the war heroes of a country they hate, a country I might add where they would only be too happy to take the shilling from if allowed into their league.

  6. Popes11

    I really must apologise to the good people of Leicester with my earlier comment regarding your city being the ‘smelliest place i have ever visited with the famous Glasgow Celtic’. That award actually goes to planet Greyskull (Ibrox stadium, soon to be Tescos) Glasgow. GBTP

  7. In response to Gre-arrangers, the singing on Sunday has already been proven to have taken place outside the stadium during the minutes silence for the ‘fallen heroes’. FACT.

    The song that was being sung was about the callous MURDER of a young man on his way to a football match, by the same British Army. I think you will find there is not a single word in the song that relates in anyway to sectarianism (something that you should know more about than most judging by your mails. FACT.

    The sad fact of the matter is, that both Celtic and Re-arrangers have elements of their support who would cause a fight in an empty house, much the same as followers of most football clubs. FACT.

    Before you go onto sites and spew your un-adulterated crap about what Celtic are and the type of people who follow them, please get your FACTS right, and stop yourself from looking even more foolish than you actually are.

    Good luck to the Foxes this season. Always had a soft spot for them under MO’N. They always put it up to the big boys when they came calling to Filbert Street.

  8. big rab

    listen no rangers fan can sit and point the finger at any other fans your the worlds worst.i wouldnt blame the epl for not letting any of our teams in with the carry on with use hooligans .do u never wonder why any foreign people you come across prefer celtic to rangers?because we are not racist pro nazi idiots like your self and you say were sad and no i dont like what happend at the weekend but ther will always be some people who cant just help them selves .

  9. Grangers

    Oh, it was outside the ground, well that’s O.K. then, I apologize, cause that makes ALL the difference.
    Was the absence of a poppy on your chairman also an oversight, or does he support the anti British songs that were being sung ?, we should know.
    And also mate, I never said that song was sectarian, It is quite evident that you can read English, though not quite as clear that you can comprehend it.
    I said that one or two of your other ditties most definitely ARE.
    Prey tell, since you are an avid stickler to posting only FACTS, you can use comments if you like, what part of my previous post is NOT fact ?.

    • Well Mr. Gr-rearrangers, the FACT is that the war mongering Chairman of Celtic FC was actually wearing a poppy on Sunday FACT. If you want to check that out you are more than welcome, seeing as we are only dealing in FACTS.

      Also, at what point did the minutes silence become a remembrance of ENGLISH soldiers, as you state that “through a minutes silence for the war heroes of a country they hate, a country I might add where they would only be too happy to take the shilling from if allowed into their league.” Surely the minutes silence was to commemorate soldiers who had fallen during all conflicts, from ALL parts of the Commonwealth….I think you will find that that Mr. Gr-rearrangers is also a FACT!!

  10. Grangers

    OK, your chief executive then, now we have the semantics out of the way let’s continue.
    I never said it was only English soldiers that were being remembered and by taking the shilling I meant the Queen’s shilling, you may have heard the expression before, you know ?, the Queen of Britain, the woman who was being verbally assaulted during your “political” song during the minutes silence on Sunday.
    Nothing to do with her being the head of Church of England of course.
    My point there is simples, If Rangers and Celtic are admitted to the EPL it would be enormously hypocritical for your team don’t you think ?, joining up with the great oppressor and all that.

    Yes a country that you absolutely hate, I could just imagine it, a team who’s supporters glorify the bombings in Manchester, London, Birmingham etc laying down with the oppressor, wouldn’t it bother you ?.

  11. John O'Brien

    Is it any wonder that the Celtic fans shout obcenities at royalty? I am not a Catholic, but when a country like ours cannot drag itself into the modern world and let a Catholic become Prime Minister or become Queen, then something is very, very wrong.

  12. Gus

    Not getting into a debate about who’s supporters sing what and who are the worst / best but can’t quite get my head around why anyone can condone singing songs about the IRA. Bottom of the barrel stuff.

  13. John O'Brien

    I dont think you understand what the Celtic fans are saying. The singing was OUTSIDE the stadium and the people queing up to get in were unaware what was going on inside. It seems to me that Rangers fans are grabbing onto anything that will deflect the issues that are going on around their club. The threat of closure hangs over them with the threat of a euro ban for fighting and racist singing calling the Romainian people ”Gypsies” at their last euro fixture, so for any Rangers fan to come on here and act all ”sanctimonious” beggers belief..

    • Grangers

      If you believe that mr non catholic then I have some nice swamp land here I would like you to have a look at, that was an organized disruption of the silence, you know it, I know it, everyone does.
      Even the choice of song was an Anti Army song , regarding an IRA terrorist who was killed by the Army, and was by no means a coincidence.
      If your bhoys are gonna have an organized disruption, which it was, of the type they had, the least they can do is be man enough to admit it.
      But hey, it falls right in line with your heroes who hide behind masks and plant bombs aimed at killing innocent people.
      But hey ho, to each his own, scum is as scum does

  14. Grangers

    Ok lads, I do have to apologize, Leicester city site is NOT the place to be having this discussion, although these people have been at it for years I usually just ignore them, probably better that way I think.
    I will now cease cluttering up your site with this nonsense, it did occur to me however that there may be a few reading this who have no idea what we’re talking about regarding their disgraceful behavior on Sunday afternoon as, for some reason, sky muted their microphones, out of embarrassment they say, although I have my doubts.
    So here you go, have a look and you decide :

    Again I apologize that you had to see this in the first place.

  15. John O'Brien

    Yes…it cealy sos a totally silent stadium with most of the shoting cing from thetside…did it show ou any Celtic fans singing in the stadium?

    Rangers FC= Deluded since 1873.

  16. John O'Brien

    God, sorry about the typos…im on the train and i didn’t check what i had typed…here goes,

    Yes…it clearly shows a totaly silent stadium with the singing coming from the outside..if a stadium is silent of course your going to hear the everyday noise that goes on around the outside. Did it show any Celtic fans singing, no. The tv would have had a field day if any fans had been singing inside the stadium and their faces would have been on the front page of EVERY scottish rag! How sad are you grangers, i can see you now watching the minutes silence with the volume up full blast, ear to the speaker hoping to hear the pin fall.

    Rangers FC= Sectarian, Bigoted and deluded since 1873.

  17. John O'Brien

    LeicesterRino… Celtic fans dont ”hate britain”, this is the kind of delusion that comes from the bigoted deluded rangers fans. I am constantly riddiculed for being a non catholic Celtic fan from my protestant ”friends”, and it’s anti catholic and all things Iirsh catholic that upsets the rangers fans who have an identity crisis…they cannot make up their minds from being pro English or pro Northern Irish…they my friend are what is wrong with Scottish society.

    Rangers FC = Deluded since 1873.

    • I just don’t understand your answer. On the one hand you seem to be anti UK due to the historical situation in Ireland but on the other you blame the other team for not knowing who or what they are.
      Maybe it’s because I’m English but I don’t think I’ll ever understand what motivates either side.

      • John O'Brien

        As i said Rino…no-one is anti UK. Some of us just love celtic because of the history which surrounds the club with it’s charitable foundings etc, so dont tar all Celtic fans with the same brush, and keep an open mind when it comes to other fans criticising our club Rino.

  18. LanguedocFox

    If the (sub)standard of these exchanges is typical of supporters of Celtic and Rangers (and I am betting it is) then both teams should stay north of the border where they belong.

  19. Gus

    Couldn’t agree more with you LanguedocFox, having been to both grounds and experienced the Rangers fans anti catholic songs and the Celtic fans IRA chants they should stick to their own back yard although that back yard would be better off without them. Both sets of supporters deny and point the finger at each other but i’m talking from experience and you have to hear it to believe that in this day and age they sing that kind of stuff. It’ll only get resolved when both sides of the great divide actually admit their own faults and as you can read above ain’t ever gonna happen. Quite what the troubles past and present in N.Ireland / Eire have to do with football baffles me.

  20. Grangers

    Here is how much they “don’t hate Britain”


    Don’t be fooled, there are many among their support who absolutely detest all things British, and love all thing terrorist.
    Indeed this is not the first time they have violated a minutes silence, when the Queen mum died and for the victims of 9/11, the 9/11 one was ok according to them though as, well you’ve probably guessed it, the noise was coming from outside the ground (sound familiar ?).
    The John O’Briens of this world really must think everyone was born with buttons on the back of their heads.

  21. LanguedocFox

    I just read the result of the vote today. Proof, if proof were needed, that there is a god. Of course, whether she is a Protestant or a Catholic remains to be seen. Personally, as long as she is a City supporter I am not that bothered.

    • Grangers

      Yup, truth is it was never going to happen, I really do believe that Gartside has a point though.
      If left the way it is, Man U, Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal are gonna pull so far ahead of the rest that you will basically have the SPL II (It is damn close to that now).
      Champions league is killing football IMO, weakening the domestic game as they rest players for it, qualifying for the CL is already more important than winning the EPL.

  22. Popes11

    Grangers, you are making a complete dick of yourself with your typical scum views on subjects you quite clearly no nothing about. Do yourself a favour, go away and stop embarrasing yourself. GBTP.

  23. John O'Brien

    Grangers….why do you slag off Celtic and their fans??? Do you wish we were as vile and thuggish as your lot??? Stop the BNP rule Brittania shit, and evolve into the present. So, walk straight, stop dragging your knuckles, and have a shave. I know that involves soap, sorry.

    • Grangers

      Jeez, can’t answer that witty argument.
      So ?, you’re 4 years old ?

    • Jonnybhoy..and as we’re talking about the history and actions of fans of certain clubs,can i ask you what do you think english fans think of a club who allowed money to be raised for a terrorist organisation.to buy bomb making equipment,make bombs and set them off in england..killing many men..women and children…..like the 2 children in manchester.being from birmingham…you have NO idea how much i loathe celtic and its supporters…stay in glasgow and sing your songs praising the pub bombers……JUSTICE FOR THE 21….

  24. Ross

    That Grangers guy, apart from being uneducated, comes across as being bitter and twisted!! I have friends who support both Rangers and Celtic and I’ve got to be honest, the Rangers fans are far more bitter and twisted! They have a deep hatred for Roman Catholics, I always ask my friends, why such hatred? Their response is nearly always the same. ” In Scotland, most Catholics are terrorist loving paedophiles!!” Pretty sick and disgusting response! Celtic fans seem to me at least, that they love their team more than hatred of anyone or anything else!

    For the record I’m a Tottenham fan!

  25. shaun the brummie

    john who planted the bombs in the pubs in birmingham,and all the other places where innocent men,women and children were killed…it was the IRA your heros.so fuck you and your team(the IRA sports division)you aint coming to ENGLAND ever.

    • John O'Brien

      Shaun, a typical knuckle dragger. You know who started the war with the two countries. David Cameron APOLOGISED for the murders on Bloody Sunday that started off the mainland bombings. I suggest you read into the Irish history before you comment. I condemn all murderous acts, the buck stops with the British Army for that day. I’m sure there are plenty of Celtic fans in Birmingham you can give out to, then again you probably don’t get out much.

  26. O’Brien,i dont give a flying fuck about what happened in n.ireland.all i know and care about is the pubs and buses blown up by celtics “hero’s”,and the reason foreigners like celtic,is because they’ve never had people blown up in their countries,i think their attitudes might change if you did.and on that note if you’re so loved around the world (except where you are,and where you want to go)go and join a foreign league.spain or italy might be nice,spain is hot and you can have a drink with your eta mates.italy is another lovely country….and the pope lives nearby….bet you didn’t know that………..because you aint ever..ever joining english football.2 years ago you were talking about joining the premier league and getting told to f**k off as not being viable or desirable.this year you’ve approached league 1,and been told to do one as you aint wanted or needed.i wonder what level of english football you’ll be begging to join in 2 years will be,and how much compo you’ll have to pay the more deserving english clubs…….”one green bottle,standing on a wall”……you know how it ends…..lol

    • John O'Brien

      What a bigoted, ignorant, knuckle dragging sod you are. Your exactly what your country needs. EDL, BNP all the way for you shaunnie boy. I bet you sit all alone, wife and kids left because they couldn’t stand your extreme views. ‘IF’ you can read, then go to the Library and get some history books out on Irish troubles from say, 1970 to 1990. Then get a book on British Army atrocities from 1800 to present day then start banging on how good this country of yours really is. KKK all the way, eh shaun….w****r!!

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