City in Talks With Edgar Davids

Apparently this is not a mad ‘Jock Wallace is signing Johann Cryuff’ style rumour. City are in talks with former Ajax, Inter Milan, Juventus and Spurs midfielder Edgar Davids.


City have been trying to entice the Dutch international with a deal for a couple of weeks before matters were interrupted when Portsmouth were alerted to the player’s availability, but negotiations with Milan Mandaric and Nigel Pearson appear to be ongoing. 
The 36 year old is famous for wearing goggles during games due to glaucoma, and in his day was one of the finest midfielders in the world. Whether he could still do a good job for City in the Championship remains to be seen, but he would sure shift some shirts.



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2 responses to “City in Talks With Edgar Davids

  1. Andy Prior

    Can’t decide if this is good or bad. What would the impact be on the dressing room?

  2. LE9 Fox

    I see this has given mandaric another chance to get his face on the telly again. Can’t shut him up and he is loving every minute. Bloody media whore!

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