Max Gradel Takes His Boots to Leeds

Max Gradel has gone on a month’s loan to Leeds United and he featured in Monday night’s 2-1 win at home to Norwich, coming on with 11 minutes to go and impressing the locals.
Gradel has only made one appearance for City so far this season – getting half an hour at Macclesfield in the League Cup.
He made a large contribution to City’s promotion last season, his last gasp goal at Milton Keynes inspiring this cartoon strip. For those of you whose French is a little rusty there is a translation below…

max blog a

max blog b

This translation has been approved to GCSE Fail Level… do not ever attempt to speak in this style…
frame one (title frame): Little Maxi’s Green Luminous Boots.
frame two: Maxi’s grandmother has thrown his luminous green boots into the dustbin.
frame three: Luckily Maxi finds his boots, which are so essential to his game.
frame four: How can Maxi help Leicester City win promotion without his luminous green boots?
frame five: Maxi’s grandmother says: “You should tidy your own room sometime.” Maxi says: “Damn it!”
frame six: Saturday. Well-wisher shouts: “Good luck against MK Dons, the franchise bastards.”
frame seven: Maxi is on the train.
frame eight: Later.
frame nine: Later still. Maxi shouts: “OH NO!”
frame ten: Maxi uses his super speed.
frame eleven: Little Maxi rescues his Luminous Green Boots!
frame twelve: Maxi arrives at Milton Keynes safely. Maxi says: “Hello Mr Pearson.”
frame thirteen: Maxi is substitute yet again.
frame fourteen: Disaster! Leicester are losing. The boss decides to bring little Maxi on.
frame fifteen: The Leicester City fans are lifted. The City fans say: “Look! It is little Maxi. He will save us.”
frame sixteen: But after 95 minutes Leicester are still losing. The ref points and says: “Free-kick.”
frame seventeen: Who wants to shoulder the responsibility?
frame eighteen: Suddenly Maxi steps forward… He says: “It is my luminous green boots. they seem to be making me walk towards the ball.”
frame nineteen: A luminous green boot swings…
frame twenty: The ball is in the net!
frame twenty one: The Leicester fans go mad: “Long live Maxi!” “Little Gradel is great!”
frame twenty two: The radio goes: “DUR DUR DE DUR, DUR DUR DE DUR!”

If you would like to sample a free copy of The FOX containing this cartoon and an interview with Gary McAllister then send a stamped, self addressed A5 envelope to: The FOX, PO Box No 2, Cosby, Leicester, LE9 1ZZ.


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