Rebuild Filbo: Part Two

Between us we have most of the stuff that made Filbert Street, so lets rebuild it…pete a
“Feel free to include these items in the Filbo Re-building process…”
says PeteLCFC… ” I used to live round the corner from the old gal, and somehow all this stuff ended up in my house! In the photos there is a very large plan of the ground, this came from the police cell room that I’m sure we all got handcuffed in from time to time and is what they planned their ‘operations’ on!
Two blue bricks from the Filbert Street end.
A seat from the Kop (well they shouldn’t have been there anyway).
I also have a section of turf in my dads back garden, another seat in my loft, a few fire exit signs and some ashtrays from the supporters club bar…”

pete b

Many thanks to PeteLCFC and please keep sending in your bits of Filbo to: …


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