Rebuild Filbo: Part One

Between us we have most of the stuff that made Filbert Street, so lets rebuild it…

Thanks to Lee Barrett for his contribution: “I work for a local delivery company and one of the perks is that I have access to a fleet of trucks and drivers, so as the bulldozers moved in so did one of our trucks.

rebuild b

The driver’s brief was simple: “Bring me about a hundred bricks from the Kop (enough for a BBQ) and anything else you can get your hands on.”
An hour and £20 later the driver returned with my bricks and a ‘No Tabs’ sign. Excellent work.
To this day the bricks are still bricks and no one smokes in my garage…

rebuild a

Many thanks too to Chris Hinsley who has come up in a vital component in our quest to reconstruct Filbert Street.
“Here is my contribution to Rebuild Filbo – the main turnstile to Pen Three.  Bought at th eauction, and with a fresh coat of paint, it now has pride of place in my garden. It took four of us to move it as all the old concrete was still attached to the bottom and it weighed a ton. I’m sure you will agree that no garden is really complete without a 1927 turnstile. I also bought a fridge from the Carling Stand for a tenner and it is still working well in our Nottingham office full of Forest fans.”
Cheers Chris! That’s better than a boring old birdbath, sundial or topless ancient greek girl carrying a water jug.

blue turnstile 


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