Focus On: Rodney Fern

The Shoot Inquisition captures our Rodney.

Did we ever hear the word ‘miscellaneous’ before this?

focus on rodney fern



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3 responses to “Focus On: Rodney Fern

  1. Andy Prior

    Well that’s a sign of the times. Professional ambition was to win an FA Cup winners medal. It was the pinnacle of your career back then. How many prem players would say that these days?

  2. cosbyfox

    I like the way he explains who Lester Piggott is. ‘The jockey’ in case any of us thought he meant the other Lester Piggott

  3. malcolm cryer

    I still have the original from the shoot magazine, along with other ‘Rodney’ snippets, and ocassionally check for any articals about him on the net. He was my favourite player after watching him play for Leicester at my home town Burnley – easter 1968 aged 11: I must be his biggest fan!
    The focus does seem quaint by today’s standards, but impressionable youngsters like myself in the early seventies would hang on to every word of these articles. (maybe he rattled the answers off without too much thought… ha ha !!)
    The last match I saw him play was for Rotherham at Turf Moor 1982: he scored both goals in a 2-1 win- a fitting end for myself I thought. I believe he has a solid fuel business near Measham. It would be great to meet him.

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