Ticket to Ride

Over to Woodgate Fox…


“Chips and beans on a tray, on a train…”

The early 80s were the golden age of the footy special for this City-mad teenager. I’ve picked out two of the best and two of the worst from my huge trainspotter style collection of British Rail ticket tat.

Top left: Orient 0:1 City – My first big day out in London following City. There was a fantastic turnout of Leicester fans. So many, in fact, that about twenty had to watch the game hanging off the crossbar until it broke…

Top right: F****t 5:0 City – One of many, many defeats at the City Ground. A dreadful day out.

Bottom left: Liverpool 1:2 City – The original coupon buster. Bottom of the table City secured an astonishing victory at Fortress Anfield. Liverpool’s 85 match unbeaten home record was shattered, the Kop was stunned and we were in dreamland. Absolutely brilliant.

Bottom right: City 0:2 Spurs –  Little did we know that this game would set the pattern for many more FA Cup nightmares to come… and you can stick Chas ‘N’ Dave where the sun don’t shine.


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