Watford Away – Vicarage Road Memories

Before the Taylor Report and the move towards all -seater stadia, grounds had a lot more individuality and Vicarage Road more than most.
You could have been dropped on to any away terrace and instantly known where you were because each ground had its own unique flavour.
Watford’s home had an away corner that extended from the shallow terraces of the covered Rookery End, round an open corner with distintive yellow crush barriers, and up into the seats of the Rous Stand.


watford a

Watford were the original family club and their fans’ preference for great big yellow, black and red scarves were mercilessly mocked.
These days, football fans look the same all over the country and it is only the club intials picked out in coloured seats that make one modern ground look any different from another and the away match experience is poorer for it.

So let’s raise a badly-prepared burger to those away days of the 80s and early 90s and sing that song about Elton John…

watford b

Those 1980s results in full… ouch!

08-05-1982  Watford 3-1 Leicester City

05-11-1983  Watford 3-3 Leicester City

29-12-1984  Watford 4-1 Leicester City

28-12-1985  Watford 2-1 Leicester City

22-11-1986  Watford 5-1 Leicester City

22-04-1989  Watford 2-1 Leicester City

02-09-1989  Watford 3-1 Leicester City


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  1. Ian

    Just saw a link to this posted on the Watford Forum. A great read and great memories. Thanks for it

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