The FOX has a beer with Tom from Kasabian

The FOX met up with Tom Meighan for a pre-match beer before the Blackpool game. Here is a short excerpt from the interview which will appear in the FOX 167…

tom m

FOX: How often do you see City now? 

TM: Well last season we were recording the new album so I had a bit more time off, so I went to nearly every home game and a few away.
It was a dirty league last, it was filth wasn’t it?
This is my first game this year because we are busier now. 

FOX: When you are away on tour what lengths do you go to, to get the City scores?

TM: I just call the old man! 2 o’clock in the morning I called him from Japan.
If my phone rings anywhere in the world I know we have scored. 

FOX:  We read somewhere that you said good bands support crap teams. Who are they?

TM: Well that’s wrecked a bit now because Man City are good now, but it was Oasis. Chris in our band supports Leeds which is a bit weird isn’t it?Reverend and the Makers support Sheffield Wednesday, and the Arctic Monkeys… and they’ve been crap for years. The Kaiser Chiefs support Leeds and they’re crap.

FOX: ‘Fire’ is now the goal music at the Walkers Stadium…

TM: I’ve not heard it yet, I hope it is amazing.

FOX: Well, we’ve only heard it once, against Barnsley when Fryatt scored, but it is a distinct improvement on Chelsea Dagger… How did that come about?

TM: Well, I got a call from the club. I thought that using ‘Chelsea Dagger’ was a weird thing to play. Not only is it called ‘Chelsea Dagger’ but every other football team uses it.
It is a real pleasure for me to know that ‘Fire’ is now being used. It is unique to us and has a Leicester connection. 

FOX: Do you still get a buzz out of going to the game?

TM: Yes, of course man. Big time. I love it. I love Saturdays like this.

FOX: You are now a top name, international rock star… are you still a fan when you meet the old City players?

TM: I still get a buzz out of seeing Walshy. It’s a bit bizarre because he is like my mate now.
I called Martin O’Neill the other night, when he was coming back from Liverpool after Villa beat them. I asked him if he wanted to come and see us at Wolverhampton Civic. He said: “I’d love to, I’d love to but I’ve got to sign some players…”
He said he’d call me the next day, but he never did. He never calls back when he says he will. He does call me a couple of times a year. He called up to say: “Well done with ‘Fire’, it’s amazing!”  and I can hear John Robertson sitting next to him.
So I thought it would be good to ring him and say well done on winning 3-1 at Anfield.


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