Ollie Returns…

Ian Holloway, the man who was in charge when City were relegated to the third tier for the first time in their history,  returns to Filbert Way this Saturday with his new club Blackpool…


Extract from Ian Holloway interview from The FOX – Dec 2007…

FOX: What were your first impressions when you got here?

IH: Well I’ve bummed around on all sorts of parks pitches and the immediate thing you see here is this set up is Premiership. It really is. Unfortunately the stuff on the grass isn’t. I have never had the facilities or the budget I have here and I feel that I’m now in a different role. I’ve always been an under dog. But it wouldn’t feel right sitting here if I hadn’t had all those experiences I have had. I’ve stood at QPR and lost to Vauxhall Motors in an FA Cup match in a replay on penalties. I’ve had things thrown at me. This is my twelfth season as a manager. I’ve been in nearly every division, I’ve sold players, bought players, been in administration, been under five different boards at QPR and kept it solid. I want to bring in the values I have learned during all that.

I know you are all fed up with the situation here and if I were you then I would be too. But until I can change things please help me with what I have here. Let’s make it, when they tiptoe out there, that the other team are afraid, not our boys. Let’s make some noise and encourage them. I felt it at Cardiff, all we needed was a goal to go in and the roof would have been lifted off the place.    

You know, I saw Carl Cort score against Chelsea the other week, it might be okay. But I’ve got to make him feel 25 feet tall. I guarantee you I will bring in people that you will want to watch, that I would pay to watch myself. People who really care and want to win.

You know I have that many right backs I don’t know what to do with them, a couple of them can play left back but I’ve got Mattock and Sheehan who can operate on the left now. So what use are the others to me? They know it, I know it, but I’m trying to give them all a chance. Mind you out of this huge squad I’ve got only about 18 of them are actually available I’ve got that many missing at the moment. I’ve got Jimmy Neilsen who’s a dead man walking round here, poor bugger. You know, why was he brought here? I don’t know…

I feel sorry for you lot but I know things are going to change. But we’ve got to create an energy so that people from outside want to come here. I’m getting phonecall after phonecall from players I have known and they want to come here. Which is exciting, but I’ve got to be very selective.



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3 responses to “Ollie Returns…

  1. Gaf

    It’s an interesting interview, and I think shows what a state the club was in when Ollie took over. The squad was at rock bottom in terms of morale, and was completely unbalanced after Martin Allen’s “kid in the sweetshop” approach to signing players, (not helped by Milan sticking his oar in).
    I’m not saying that Ollie doesn’t bear partial responsibility for the shambolic season that saw us being relegated, just that others need to take their share too. I don’t think he was really given a fair chance. I would have been happy for him to have a go at getting us out of League 1, (although I’m obviously very happy that Pearson is now in charge – who wouldn’t be?).

  2. Andy Prior

    I would love to know what ‘Olly’ has to say about working with Mandaric. Might not appear for a while, maybe when he does his next book, but that must have been like working with one hand tied behind your back.
    The only time he really p*ssed me off was when he told us all to “chill out and have a sandwich” after a lamentable display at 1o man Watford. It was plain to see that we were in trouble that night and I would have more respect for the man if he just said it like it was instead of this ‘joker speak’ that he seems to enjoy so much.

  3. davieG

    There’s no excusing the man. Fair enough you can’t blame him that we didn’t finish in the play-offs or even upper mid-table but he’s solely to blame for our actual relegation.

    He had sufficient time and by his own admission ample resources to ensure we at least stayed up.

    That he didn’t manage it by ‘1’ measly point is definitely down to him and him alone.

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