Search Me…

Here’s an illustration of how times change. If someone started to search you before you went into a game now how would you feel?
I don’t mean the odd careless glance into a bag if you are carrying one, but a full up and down the sleeves and legs and maybe even a prod at the old fella (not welcome unless you have been lucky enough to get the blond policewoman). You’d probably be a bit affronted.

search me

When this photo was taken it was very much the norm for anyone going in to the Spion Kop to be given the once-over.
It was routine, expected and, let’s be honest, welcome. Because not to be searched marked you out as soft-looking, which would never do, would it?
The only problem was, those everyday objects you had forgotten to take out of your pockets for a Saturday that could be taken the wrong way by the coppers… Penknife, golfball, set of competition darts, dog lead, kung fu throwing star…

search me detail


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