Fox Covers: Kalac Can’t Catch…

This is FOX 55 from November 1995…

fox cover kalac

We weren’t exaggerating were we?
We waited ages for Mark McGhee to finally sign Zeljko ‘Spider’ Kalac due to problems with his work permit. When he finally arrived we could only look on in horror at the worst display of goalkeeping we had ever seen, including parks or schoolboy football.
In his debut at the Hawthorns he looked distinctly shaky, but City were superb that day and managed to beat West Brom 3-2. We put it down to first match nerves. He’d be alright against Bolton in the League Cup tie at Filbert Street. But, oh God, he wasn’t.
Again McGhee’s Men put on an excellent display against Premier League Bolton, but all their good work was undone by the tall juggler in City’s goal who didn’t seem to have mastered the very basics of goalkeeping.
He never touched a ball for City again, though came on as a late, late sub in the 1996 Play-Off Final for a final, fleeting appearance.

That he went on to have a long career with AC Milan and Australia is a source of wonder for Leicester City fans.

(There are a large number of FOX back issues available – e-mail for details).


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