Heaven’s Gate

I don’t know about you, but the more Filbert Street fades into the past, the more I miss it.
Here is a photo of the turnstile block on Filbert Street. Built in the 1920’s It was described as ‘classical’ and ‘distinctive’ by Simon Inglis in his ‘Football Grounds of Britain’.


Sadly it had to make way for the Carling Stand in 1993 (which in turn didn’t make its tenth birthday) but rumours persist that it may have been preserved and lies in a builder’s yard somewhere. If this is true it would be nice to see it make a comeback, like the Statue of Liberty did.
I will always remember craning my neck to the right whenever I was on the bus into town to catch that briefest glimpse of  ‘Leicester City Football Club’ picked out in blue on white.


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  1. Rob Earl Shilton

    why was this not a registered building???

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