What a Wonderful World…

Here is the Leicester City page from FKS’s ‘Wonderful World of Soccer Stars – 1968-69’ album.
It features: Willie Bell, Allan Clarke, Graham Cross, Dave Gibson, Len Glover, David Nish, Bobby Roberts, Peter Rodrigues, Peter Shilton, John Sjoberg, Mike Stringfellow, Bobby Svarc, Tom Sweenie, Alan Tewley and Alan Woollett.
Sadly there wasn’t a Rodney Fern sticker so he had to sign in the blank space, top left.

68-69 fks

This was the first nationally available collection by FKS and if you remember buying the packets from the newsagents then bad news – you are nearly 50.

For five points, which of these players appears in a ‘Half Man Half Biscuit’ lyric?



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3 responses to “What a Wonderful World…

  1. Cosbyfox

    Looks like a bit of an exodus going on. The owner of this collection must have had a tear in his eye as he wrote ‘Aston V’ alongside Dave Gibson’s name and would be positively beside himself as he then went on to write Mansfield, Stoke, Leeds, Burton, Bradford etc against these heroes in blue

  2. Ken Hancock

    Feel my Wraith from Some call it Godcore

    Svarc rejects new layer terms” Bobby Svarc, aka “Bobby from the Saff”, is a Leicester lad who used to play up front for the Foxes, before moving on Lincoln City, then Boston United (£2,000, 1971-72 21 goals/28 games), followed Jim Smith to Colchester United (Layer Road) for £6,000 and scored 21/28, and then followed Smith again to Blackburn where he retired due to injury.

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