Four Lions

Soon after Don Revie took over the England job in 1974 he organised a get-together of 85 England hopefuls in a Manchester hotel telling them: “Nobody is really out of the reckoning and there will probably be additions to the squad.”
Representing Leicester City were Keith Weller, Steve Whitworth, Peter Shilton and Frank Worthington… photographed here at Belvoir Drive.

12 9 74 KW SW PS FW Eng call up

 The full list of players was as follows:

Arsenal: A Ball, C George, P Storey; Birmingham City: T Francis, H Kendall; Burnley: P Fletcher, R Hankin, A Stevenson; Chelsea: C Garland, W Garner, J Hollins, S Kember; Coventry City: D Mortimer; Derby County: K Hector, R McFarland, D Nish, S Powell, C Todd; Everton: M Buckley, R Latchford, M Dobson; Ipswich Town: K Beattie, D Johnson, M Mills, T Whymark; Leeds United: A Clarke, N Hunter, P Madeley, D McKenzie; Leicester City: P Shilton, K Weller, S Whitworth, F Worthington; Liverpool: R Clemence, E Hughes, K Keegan, R Kennedy, A Lindsay, P Thompson; Manchester City: C Bell, M Horswill, D Tueart, R Marsh; Middlesbrough: D Armstrong, D Mills, W Maddren; Newcastle United: M Burns, T Hibbitt, A Kennedy, M Macdonald, T McDermott, J Tudor; Queens Park Rangers: S Bowles, G Francis, I Gillard, P Parkes, D Thomas, J Beck; Sheffield United: T Currie; Stoke City: J Greenhoff, A Hudson, M Pejic, G Salmons; Tottenham Hotspur: M Peters, S Perryman; West Ham United: M Day, B Bonds, T Brooking, K Lock, J McDowell, G Paddon, T Taylor; Wolverhampton Wanderers: S Daley, B Powell, G Palmer, J Richards, A Sunderland; Aston Villa: J Gidman; Manchester United: B Greenhoff, S Pearson; Nottingham Forest: J Robertson; Southampton: M Channon; Sunderland: D Watson; West Bromwich Albion: L Cantello; Crystal Palace: P Taylor…

This list inspires several thoughts… there is not one single black player named… what was the thoroughly Scottish John Robertson doing there?.. and note that all the teams listed after Wolves are outside the top flight – including Manchester United… and if Fabio Capello wanted to gather 85 Englishmen together in similar fashion would he actually be able to find that many?


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