The Greatest Ever Leicester City Side?

Forty Seven years, and one day, ago this Leicester City side kicked off the 1962-63 season with a defeat at Fulham. But it turned out to be arguably the club’s greatest ever season.
As late as April 15th City were top of the First Division and then they got to the FA Cup Final.  They were in with a very real chance of achieving The Double.
Sadly, neither piece of silverware made it to Filbert Street. All five games in May were lost, including the FA Cup Final against Manchester United.
City finished fourth while Everton were crowned Champions.

63 Charles Buchan

Do you think this was City’s greatest ever side? let us know in ‘comments’…



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11 responses to “The Greatest Ever Leicester City Side?

  1. ern tench

    Most likely the best team to be fielded on one day,but my greatest ever City team in the last 50 years would be.

    Banks, Whitworth, Nish.

    McLintock, Elliot, Cross.

    Weller, Clarke, Lineker, Gibson, Stringfellow.

    Subs. Shilton, Worthington, lennon, Norman.

    • Hadfield Fox

      good shout Ern, as I’ve ‘only’ been a fan since 1967, I’d go for:
      Shilton, Cross, Nish, Elliott, Walsh.
      Weller, Izzett, Lennon, Glover.
      Lineker, Worthington.
      Subs: Keller, A Smith, A Clarke, Heskey, McAllister

  2. Cosbyfox

    Hard to measure this one. If we are talking about the greatest City side that actually took the field (Rather than a hypothetical one made up of players through the ages) then for me it would be the side that played just before Heskey went to Liverpool that beat Sunderland 5-2 in March 2000. We will never know how good that could have been

  3. mick stafford

    Great memories of this City side,stood behind the goal to right under the Kop every week.Me and my mate used to leave our bikes in a house in Filbert Street which cost us thrupence.Really good side this one was,so good you couldnt have one favorite.Went to Wembley paid 7 pounds for a seven & six ticket,best day of my life even though we lost.Still have a battered old scrap book from those days and earlier.

  4. 1961 side would run them close, threw away a lot of points in march/april they gave some top notch teams a headache that Season……… manUtd 6-0 springs to mind, Although ultimately the cup run did’nt help our league position as a pertracted run in the cup with Sheff Utd certainly did’nt help, playing then 3 times in about 10 days, and eventually we finished 6th which was a tremendous effort considering our Cup run…….when eventually losing to Man City in the final 1-0

  5. Languedocfox

    “1961 side would run them close…eventually we finished 6th which was a tremendous effort considering our Cup run…….when eventually losing to Man City in the final 1-0…”

    No. In 61 we lost 2-0 to Double-winning Spurs (having been the only team to beat them at White Hart Lane). In any case, that side was never top of the league, unlike the 62-63 side which was there or thereabouts for the whole of the second half of the season.

    The 62-63 side was brilliant, and Matt Gillies was a great great manager, but it was a different world. You can’t compare it with the teams that O’Neill built (though he would have loved to have Banks and McLintock in his squad). And I do agree with Cosbyfox that the team that beat Sunderland 5-2 could have been the launchpad for something very special.

    But the past is a foreign country… they do things differently there. For me, the current team is the best we have had since O’Neill left. Not that that is saying a huge amount. But it is a start.

    UP the City

  6. Chris Moore

    Having been addicted to City since 1961, I have to agree the 62/63 side was the best of them all so far. If we had a bigger squad I am sure we would have won the League or the Cup, maybe both. The firstchioce First X1 were a fantastic side, brilliant in defence & fantastic on the break – usually via McLintock or Davie Gibson. Bill Shankley said in one of his books that City were the only team he learnt anything from & were definitely “the best team in the big league in those days”. That will do for me. They were great to watch, & for me the second best to Jimmy Bloomfield’s era who had ‘dream’ players like Shilton, Weller & Worthington who would have greced any team. O’Neill’s team was a fine ‘team spirit’ team, an attribute they shared with the 1963 side.

  7. Tony Fox

    Banks (easy as he would make the best ever world team)
    Whitworth, Cross, Elliot, Nish (sheer class)
    Weller, Izzet, Lennon
    Lineker, Clarke, Heskey

  8. pop sider

    Stringfellow was a great city player who scored plenty of important goals for us, including the solitary winner at Anfield , which took us to the 63 final It annoys me that Mike is never mentioned among Citys best ,

  9. Peekay

    I’ve watched City since 1967 and, regrettably, I did not seen many of the 1962/63 stars in ‘real time’ action. The Mike Stringfellow/Jackie Sinclair partnership was superb and it is a shame neither is really featured.

  10. ron sneath

    banks, rodregues norman ,appleton ,king, mcclintock, weller ,gibson ,linekar, dougan, glover

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