Filbert Street in August

I don’t have a date for this photo but whatever the era it must surely be from around this time of year.
The Filbert Street pitch looks lush and green, which is not something that ever lasted long into the season.
Other things to note: the players training at the ground, when did the club acquire Belvoir Drive?
The brickwork around the rather grand tunnel… the number of tall chimneys on the Leicester skyline.. and the number of patches nailed on to the Filbert Street Stand roof.


Any guesses at a year – post in comments below…



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5 responses to “Filbert Street in August

  1. Gary

    hi great photo
    i can only narrow it down to between 1949 and 1971 because thats when the north stand was rebuilt. the west stand was rebuilt in 1949.
    not much help sorry, but i hope you find out

  2. David Buckley

    Yeah, great old pic that – sorry don’t have a date, either. But the patches on the stand suggest a wayward striker. Steve Howard isn’t that old, surely….?

  3. Big Lofty

    1949 after the rebuilt of the wing stand , at the double decker end . Due to Mr Hitlers bombers putting great hole in it one night during the war.
    I Can remember looking left the from the double decker and seeing it as a kid.

  4. those white sheets on the roof may be a clue are they the remains of the martin dont go campain ???

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