Fanatical Frank Needs You…

The FOX editorial team have been writing scripts for Fanatical Frank, the cartoon strip that appears in the fanzine,  for fifteen years now, and this month we seem to have developed writer’s block.
So over to you… if you have any great ideas for the next Frank story then please put them in the comments section below.
Please remember, he has to be fanatical. That bit is not negotiable.frank


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7 responses to “Fanatical Frank Needs You…

  1. Steve H

    Plot 1
    Frank has to sell his ar*e in Highfields to raise money for a debenture box at wembley for this years play-off final! Complete with blue and white dress and beanie hat, he raises £15,005, which one gave you the fiver Frank “they all did” etc etc

    Plot 2
    Frank stumbles across a time machine, and, going forward in time realizes that we never win anything again ever, and tops himself!

    Well I’m bored at work, but you can’t get much more fanatical.


  2. David Buckley

    Maybe something that echoes the Mattock / WBA move? Disloyal, money-motivated home-town players, who claim to be fans then bugger off. I;m sure Frank would have a lot to say about that…

  3. Ryan

    what about FF has nothing to do Bank Holiday Saturday so he starts his trip up North to Newcastle and he goes via Bradford to watch them at home against torquay. Up there he meets Ormondroyds nose (past meets present) and they relive the offside goal that stood in the fratton park play off game.

    go on pleeeeeeeease

  4. Tim B

    In the same style as those channel 4 shows Frank tries to re-unite all the members of the Play Off `94/ Coke C Cup team `97 to try and teach the current team how to play.

    Only to find Ian Ormondroyd has join the circus, Gary Coatsworth now owns a wig shop, etc.

  5. Tony B

    what about disloyal pete going on a buy out of the magpies and lead through more money grabbers in the game…..

    or following the foxes at the masters – central finals and then national finals……. central was fun cos of the trees fans taking the mickey out of themselves and the sheep getting stuffed by everyone and yet having a loud mouth fan!!!

  6. MadDogLCFC

    Frank’s Dream;

    Frank dies and goes to the pearly gates. The usual scene plays out, he gets a glimpse of heaven, all the City greats are there, he talks to Weller, Channy, Rowley etc and a glimpse of hell, Cov in 87, all the enemies of Leicester are there etc etc. He wakes up and vows to lead a spotless life, be kind to Forest fans etc but it’s not as easy as it looks and hilarity ensues.

    Apologies if this has been done before, I vaguely remember something similar or maybe I dreamt it.

  7. thefoxfanzine

    Thanks for that… they are all good, but I think the Central Masters idea is a touch of genius.

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