Scarf Ace

I was wandering around Croft Car Boot sale the other Sunday morning looking at the usual piles of tat, the Full Monty Video, wooden gazelles, Jason Donovan Annuals, Teletubbies with the green one missing, Buckaroo, Man United mirrors… you know.

When suddenly there it was – a glittering gem half hidden amid the mountains of rubbish.

A Leicester City silk scarf just exactly the same as the one I lost many years ago. It wasn’t silk, of course, it was polyester, but this was in the days before those miseries at Trade Descriptions took over.


It had ‘Leicester’ on one side and ‘Super Foxes’ on the other with the (then) new running fox logo on it. I still remember the day I bought it from a long forgotten sports shop in Blaby some time in the mid-seventies. After wearing it around my wrist to many games starring the likes of Keith Weller, Bob Lee, Frank Worthington and Dennis Rofe the white print began to wear off. I attempted to bring new life to it with Tippex – the result was a disaster. It was put away, lost and forgotten.

Now I have it back, sort of, and if it proves to be lucky then it will be coming to a few games with me this  season (though not necessarily round my wrist).



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2 responses to “Scarf Ace

  1. Cosbyfox

    I had one of those! It was complete shite and the print flaked off very soon after I bought it but it would serve it’s purpose threaded through my belt loop on matchdays.
    Does anyone remember a ‘softer’ version some years later that had pictures of the players on it.

  2. thefoxfanzine

    Admiral made a couple of versions of the ‘Photo Scarf’. I had a blue one with the 1976-77 team photo on it.
    Lovely it was.

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