Say it Ain’t So, Joe…

Legend has it that as ‘Shoeless’ Joe Jackson was walking down the courthouse steps during the trial that followed the 1919 Chicago White Sox conspiracy to fix the World Series, a young urchin implored his hero to: “Say it ain’t so, Joe…”

Well, it was so… and sportsmen have been letting down their fans, young and old, ever since.

Joe Mattock’s hasty departure for West Bromwich Albion is a shame, but more for the player than Leicester City. Of course it would be nice to field a side of local talent that was truly representative of Leicester, but most football fans realise that would be highly unlikely.
Joe, from Eyres Monsell and reportedly from a royal blue family, wasn’t prepared to serve time and learn his game at his local club.
It didn’t do Gary Lineker any harm did it? He was still at Leicester seven seasons after his first team debut and still had time to conquer the world.
And Mattock’s departure to the Hawthorns was hardly a dream move to a top Premier League club.
Sadly Mattock’s departure was not handled well either… it wouldn’t have cost him to come up with a reasonable excuse for leaving, and some quotes attributed to him left a bad taste in the mouth.
No matter what, no player is ever as devoted to the shirt as the fans are. Even for older fans that can still hurt a little.




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2 responses to “Say it Ain’t So, Joe…

  1. Cosbyfox

    Departures like this one are particularly painful given the age of the lad. Joe is by no means the finished article and there is no guarantee that he will find the fame and fortune that his agent clearly seeks!!
    I can still recall the horror and dismay that I felt when I turned up for my paper round one morning in October 1974 to discover on the back of a daily paper that Peter Shilton wanted to leave. I simply couldn’t comprehend that he didn’t love Leicester City the way that I did.

  2. Punter

    You can take the boy out of the Monsell but you can’t take the Monsell out of the boy…

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