Happy New Season…

… and welcome to The Fox Fanzine Blog.
After nine seasons of the Rivals network Sky pulled the plug on us without a second’s notice. Not even time to save the match reports, no frantic opportunity to throw the photo albums out of the top floor window before were consumed by flames.
So this is a fresh approach… a new beginning for a new season.

Leicester City v Swansea City
Leicester are back, and perhaps we have a little more respect for this division now having viewed it from beneath for the first time.
I’m not going to guess the outcome, but both sides seem a bit light up front so 0-0 might be a logical choice.
There isn’t much history to go on, the two clubs tend to studiously avoid each other, although there was the 1955-56 season when we took it in turns to win 6-1.
We haven’t met in the league since Jock Wallace’s Division Two title winning season of 1979-80, and our last meeting of any sort was a two-legged League Cup tie in 1986. My only memory of that is being chased across a garage forecourt by enraged Welshman so it can’t have been much of a game.

Anyway, I’ll leave you to the anticipation of the Big Kick Off. It’s only one game, but it can set the tone for a season. Remember that 0-5 against newly promoted Bolton in 2001-02?

city swans



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3 responses to “Happy New Season…

  1. LozF

    I feel complete once more, now that there is a Fox presence on-line again.


  2. Bluetrucker

    good to see you back Gary,

  3. thefoxfanzine

    God bless you all…
    Right, I’m off to Filbert Way to flog Summer Specials now…

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